Kangaroo leather is lighter and stronger than cowhide and is the preferred leather choice of exhibitors world wide.

My website is set up "cafeteria style", where custom orders are easy as adding the components to your cart. Add the leather to your cart, beads (optional), and for selecting the lead design, add the lead options item.

For more on how to get started, see the Custom Orders page.

Need help? I'd love to help you create the perfect lead!

Need it fast? Ask about Expedited Ordering (not always available).

Designing a 4 strand lead? You will need 4 strands of leather and the lead options item, at a minimum. To create a 6 strand lead will require 6 strands, of course! Anything larger please inquire.   

You don't need to know all about leads or showing. As an exhibitor and artist, I love to help!

I hope you'll find something you like and I wish you great success in the ring!

  • Nature's Butter

    Our leather conditioner is a patented formula created here at Champion Show Leads. It contains only natural food grade ingredients harmless to animals. 

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  • Let Me Help

    For assistance in creating the perfect lead please reach out through text, email, phone or use the "Chat bubble" from the bottom right of any page. 

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  • Parting Needles

    Parting Needles are excellent grooming tools which glide through long or dense coats to help make that perfect show ready part.

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