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Nature's Butter

Nature's Butter

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Nature's Butter is a patented formula which is created here at Champion Show Leads and contains only natural food grade ingredients harmless to animals.  The formula is a family recipe passed down for generations.  It has been tested and proven for many years.

If you notice your lead becoming dry, stiff or if it has gotten wet, simply allow it to fully dry then recondition.  Apply by hand rubbing into the leather or apply with a microfiber cloth and polish. 


A little goes a very long way!



A blend of food grade seed oils gently replenishes and invigorate the leather.  Triple filtered beeswax protects and adds a natural water repellent.  Vitamins and natural lipids are blended and infused at low heat, to complete the bonding process.  Our formula results in a natural conditioner which delivers increased suppleness.



Nature's Butter can be used to treat dry pads on your dog's paws as well as shoes, purses and other leather products in the home or car.

Shipping & Returns

A custom lead may take a few weeks to create.   Check the bottom of this page for Wait List times, which is updated regularly.

First, we'll reach out to you and confirm selections and discuss your order.  We'll provide an example image of the leather and actual beads together.  Then we'll get to work on hand crafting your lead.  Lastly, you'll be provided a final product image and tracking information as it prepares to ship. 

To check your order status you may send a message for update. 

Shipping of premade items is within 24 hours with tracking.

Purchases of glass beads only will be considered a reserve of beads for use on custom crafted leads within 3 months.  You will be contacted regarding the specifics for your lead order.  If no agreement is reached, your bead purchase will be refunded in full.  Beads are not shipped out separately.

Care Instructions

Leather Care:

Included with each show lead order you'll find a container of leather conditioner. Use sparingly, as needed.  For more information on how to care for leather visit Caring for your leather.

Glass Beads Care:

We use only kiln annealed glass beads and those which have the proper thickness for the size of hole. This ensures their strength and integrity are optimal. You do not have to be overly cautious but it does not mean unbreakable. 

Take care of your glass as you would any glass item. Store your lead in the bag it came in or in a cloth bag and clean glass with a damp cloth if needed. Leather conditioner is not for use on glass beads or their settings.



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