Wait List


Wait List is typically between 8 to 10 weeks

Premade items normally ship within 24 hr.

Expedited Orders may be available for a fee (more info below).

Limit of 2 items for Expedited Orders

You are always welcome to inquire about your position in line!

    Orders are worked in the order that they were received and I am usually able to deliver just ahead of the expected timeframe.  It is rare for an order to take longer than expected, but as items are handmade,  it can happen.

    There may be an instance where orders ahead of yours are awaiting special components to be received, in which case your order may be worked ahead of schedule. I am unable to predict this, but if it happens, consider it a win!

    When it comes to expedited orders, the option is not always available.  I do not delay other orders when processing expedited requests.  This means I am working extra hours, to ensure yours is finished right away.  The expedited timeline is within one week and comes at a cost of $30.00.  There is a limit of 2 items to any expedited order. 

    Please reach out to inquire if this is available before adding to your order!  It may be added to your cart by clicking the ribbon below.