About Me





Owner, Sandra Norris


"I will design your lead for functionality in the ring, paying close attention to your breed's size & needs and how they relate to your personal preferences."


As an exhibitor of Lhasa Apsos, I found it exhausting to try and find a nice show lead with all the features I wanted. I loved the soft, supple kangaroo leather leads, but could never find one that was all-in-one, with a kindness collar and a resco style slide close. Or I'd find those things but not with a thumb loop or the resco collar would not stay closed. 

Even the simpler, cordo-hyde leads would be offered in shops, but have cheap rhinestones which fell out or would last only a week or two in use.  I could never find one with a nice quality bead set.

That's when I decided to begin making them myself and get exactly what I wanted. As an owner-handler who uses these in the ring, I'm proud to say my kindness leads are a perfect design for table breeds and all of my leads are made to last.









Why Choose Champion Show Leads?

I like to make it easy for you! You don't have to come to the table knowing it all, or anything really. I've helped plenty of people who are brand new to showing, as well as professional handlers. 

After a few questions, you'll make some choices and I'll put it together for you to see.  I'll show you the beads in a setting along with the leather colors.  Then if you think you like something I'll braid a 'rough example' for you to see how it could look.  








Designed For You And With You

I am experienced in listening and putting together a product which meets your needs and expresses both you and your dogs personality.

Focus On Functionality

Designed with your breed in mind and by paying careful attention to balance and weight, your lead is designed for function in the ring.

Customer Reviews

What customers are saying goes a long way. People who use my leads and win! I welcome you to read my reviews here or on facebook and see why people come back time and again for their show lead needs.

Quality Materials & Workmanship

Kangaroo leather is lighter and stronger than cowhide and is the preferred choice of exhibitors world wide. I use only the highest quality products in all aspects of my craft so you end up with a lead that will last for years.