How To Custom Order A Kangaroo Leather Show Lead



 My website is set up 'cafeteria' style, where you place the leather, beads and lead design options in your cart, and I put it together.  To order any lead requires leather and the lead design options at a minimum.  Glass beads are listed at my cost and just a component, or you may select 'crystals only' or 'leather only' as an option.  It really is easy though, just follow these three steps.

1. Select your beads (optional)

Most people will add glass lampwork beads to their lead.  It is not required and looks great without beads or even with crystals only.  To add a lampwork glass bead set simply add it to your cart. 

View our beads here

You'll be presented with a picture of your bead cluster to approve prior to production of your lead.   

Don't see what you're looking for?  Send a message and we'll work with the best artists to design what you want.  

2.  Select the colors for your lead by strand (required) *

Our leather is sold by the strand which makes up your lead.  And is selected in lengths such as 0" to 20", 21" to 25", 26" to 30", and so on. 

Simply add a quantity of strands that matches your lead type.  Such as, 4 strand leads will need 4 leather colors.  This could be all 4 of one color or 3 black and 1 silver, etc.  Just have a total of 4 for 4 strand leads and a total of 6 for 6 strand leads. 

Use the general guide below for selecting a type.

  • 4 Strand Lead (Toy, Small, Med. or trained Large or Giant Breeds)
  • 6 Strand Lead (Med., Large or Giant Breeds)

Choose a length that your lead falls in, including the handle and collar (if any), when lain straight.  Do not try to measure around handles and collars but instead give just the straight measure from end to end.  

To see leather options visit the Leather Colors collection

If you're unsure what length you need or have any questions, I'm happy to help!

3.  Select the Design Options for your lead (required) *

Now that you've selected beads and leather colors, it's time to put it together in a lead.  Add the Custom Order Leather Show Lead product to your cart and select the various options to build your lead.

Add any notes and don't worry, we'll be in touch to discuss and make sure it's all exactly as you need.



More about the available Options

Handle Length:
2.0" Small Thumb Loop
2.5" Standard Thumb Loop
3.0" Large Thumb/Finger Loop
4.0" Standard Hand Loop
5.0" Large Hand Loop
3.0" Straight End with Tassels
Crystals Only (No Beads) Glass Beads are added separately
Hand Tied Decorative Knots
Hand Tied Knots for Beads
Sliding Resco Collar Knots (Standard or Small)
End Of The Lead:
Metal Ring (with or without limiter)
Snap Hook
Braided Loop End
Resco Style Collar (with or without Kindness Pad)
Kindness Pad (Small 1/4" or Standard 1/2" wide by 4" long approx.)
Protectant Coating (Clear)
Protectant Coating (Antiquing)
Hardware Colors (Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Red Copper, Bronze, Black, etc.)

If you're unsure what will work best, just add all that you like and we'll plan together.  You may want to think about what will look best with your clothing colors, your dog's coat or the beads you've selected.  

Don't worry about selecting wrong or being unsure how the colors will look.  We will discuss and I'll put your colors together in a sample image, along with any beads, so that you can visualize and approve prior to production.

Pre-approval request example

Pre-approval request example