Kindness Collars

The Kindness Collar pad is braided in a resco style loop collar and used for dispersing pressure over the sensitive trachea of some breeds.  It is also decorative and looks fabulous on longer necks. 

The backing is generally cut to fit but can be left wider to show a 'trim' or color contrast.

The resco style collar in our all-in-one leads is braided as a continuous loop, with a knot which slides up and down in order to provide resistance, or lock the sliding ring in place.

The ring is moved to the desired position in order to close the collar and the knot placed behind this to keep the ring from sliding up while in use.

The kindness pad comes in a 4 strand and a 6 strand version which are both available for 4 strand braided leads. 

The 4 strand version measures approximately 1/4" x 4" completed and the 6 strand version measures approximately 1/2" x 4" completed.


Don't be fooled by copies which are not lined and soft on the backside where your dog's neck is in contact. Champion Show Leads Kindness pads are built for comfort, durability and function.

The left is the 1/2" x 4" pad on a 4 strand lead.  The right is a 1/4" x 4" kindness pad.
The smaller sliding knot (spanish ring knot).
The standard sliding knot (gaucho knot).

The kindness collar is padded and leather backed. The backing is braided in as all-in-one also, and not simply adhered to the back afterwards. This is a sturdy design meant to last for years.

A brown and bronze flat braided kindness collar
Front of pad
the back side of a brown and bronze kindness collar
Back of pad